Wing Canyon Cabernet Open for Tasting and 20% off

Wing Canyon has always been my favorite visit in Napa Valley. I love showing people another side of the Valley, not the flashy mansions and lavish wineries they see from Highway 29, but where real people live. This Mt Veeder property is off the grid, down a treacherous mountain road, it seems almost another world form the polished Valley below.

To visit Wing Canyon is not an easy task, you have to want to go there and no rental car can make it down the steep, rutty hill. Part of the charm was waiting for Bill and his two dogs to arrive in the pick-up truck to taxi you down the dirt road. The dogs would always get the front seat, leaving myself and my crew to ride in the bucket, ducking branches and trying not to get bounced off the back. But that was part of the fun, there was no other winery like it.

Visits here were a departure from the norm, we never talked about business or even wine for that matter. Mostly we’d just kick back at the old kitchen table and I’d listen to Bill tell stories in his relaxed Texan drawl, he’d keep filling our glasses while his dogs relentlessly vied for our attention, constantly licking at our hands.

When we heard that Bill and Kathy lost their house and winery in the fire we were shocked and saddened. For us, this is the heart of Napa Valley and a place that housed twenty years of memories. Wing Canyon was never so much a business as it was a passion, just two people with an amazing piece of land that were willing to share it with anyone who would take the time. I can’t imagine travelling to Napa and not bouncing down that hill to see my two favourite people.

So now we’re doing what we can to help them start again. Luckily for everyone the 2013 wines were stored safely off-site. We’re currently offering the wine at a 20% discount to help them move as much wine as possible. For those of you familiar with Wing Canyon you already know how great these wines can be, and I can assure you, this 2013 is one of their best. I hope you can find some time to swing by and enjoy a taste with us. 

– Kevin McLean

2013 Wing Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon $64.95 SALE $51.88 (20% off)

This wine reminds me of how great California Cabernet used to be measured, not so much by size but by things like complexity, nuance, elegance, balance and most importantly, how happy it makes you when you drink it. The 2013 is a denser, more powerful wine than we typically see from this Mt Veeder property, but that is a reflection of the near perfect growing conditions of 2013. There were less than 200 cases of this 2013 produced and we’re not sure what the future will hold for new vintages, only that 2016 and 2017 will never exist. At $52, this would easily represent our best Napa Valley Cabernet. With a foot of snow on the ground what better thing  to do this weekend than cook some comfort food and sip on a glass of Wing Canyon Cabernet?

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