Summer 2017 Newsletter

Inside this edition:JWebbSummer2017 Kevin’s 12 Under $20 Case / Staff favourites / New Releases from Jeff Carrel / How Does Travel Change a Wine Store? / Recipe / Singles Scene / Beer Me / Upcoming Tastings / The Armenier sisters of Domaine de Marcoux

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J.Webb Holiday 2016 Newsletter

Welcome to your holiday edition of the J. Webb Newsletter. The holidays are a time when we open our homes to friends and family, take a break from the everyday grind and try to enjoy some of the finer things in life – food and wine among them. This is our favourite time of the year at J. Webb, as we get to help you select those special bottles that you’ll enjoy over some well- earned time off. We’ve put […]

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For starters, you’re going to find more wine under $25! While many people think of us a high-end wine shop, the truth is, we’re not that fancy. We like to think of ourselves simply as a great neighborhood wine store. Sure, we carry a good selection of pricey Burgundy, Bordeaux, California Cabernet and the like, but our real focus is on everyday wines, the kind of wines we love and can afford to drink on a regular basis. In fact, I think offering the most interesting sub $25 dollar wines in the city is really what we do best.

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HAVE YOU BEEN TO J. WEBB  MARKET WINES YET? First things first, how do you find us? Our market store is located on 77 Ave. SE in the North-East corner of the Calgary Farmers’ Market parking lot. Our big red Quonset is hard to miss if you enter the parking lot from the east side. But if you come from the south or west, you’ll need to walk past the end of the Third Academy school to see it. We’re […]

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I have two rules in my house that help me survive the holiday season. Number one: never run out of wine. Number two: see rule number one. Yes, the holidays can prove to be a stressful and busy time. So I try to remember to slow down, enjoy a glass of wine and spend quality time with good friends and family.

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Say hello to a new J. Webb!
It’s been just over 5 years since we closed J. Webb Market Wines on Currie Barracks. It was a sad day, but as the Farmers’ Market was moving, we were left with no choice

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 Summer is here, well nearly here anyways, and with it we’ll be welcoming the usual onslaught of new wines to our shelves. Something about the timing of slow boats from Europe always means that June is an explosive month for new wines arriving. So we’ll be busying ourselves, with corkscrews in hand, tasting all the new arrivals so we can let you know what we like, what we love and what we simply can’t live without. Yes there are fun times ahead. So please excuse us if we’ve packed this newsletter a little full, we couldn’t help ourselves, there’s just a lot of wine we want to share with you.

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J. Webb has always been a little different from other specialty wine
shops. We don’t simply look for good wines, we look for wines that
have a story. We select wines that have been made by families over
generations, organic and sustainable wines, and wines that deliver
the character of where they were born. We get to know the people
that make these wines, so that we can better understand them and
share their stories with you. These things are important to us because
this is what makes wine unique from all other drinks.
So far this year we’ve sourced some fantastic new wines from
France, Italy and even Australia and we’ve included many of them
here to read about. Also look out for some insightful staff picks, a
delicious new recipe, our new tasting schedule and our ever-popular
Kevin’s Case.

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