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What differentiates J. Webb from other wine retailers?

The J. Webb Way

J. Webb Wine Merchant was founded in 1985 as an alternative to the government-run stores of the day. From the beginning, our philosophy has set us apart as we hand-select our wines and offer bottles found nowhere else in Canada: our shelves are full of unique, quality, hand-selected wines in every price range.

We prefer to discover our wines the old fashioned way: by travelling, tasting and meeting the people that make them. This may sound like the obvious way to do business but the modern world of wine retail often sees stores ordering only what’s being offered in the latest catalogues from various wine reps. Most of these wines are trendy, and they often lack quality and value. They certainly lack personality. We offer not only great wines but the stories behind them as well. We know precisely where our wines come from and who makes them because we’ve been there and we’ve met them.

We have built hundreds (yep, hundreds!) of wonderful personal relationships with wine producers all over the world throughout our nearly 30 years in business, and we love to share their stories with you. After all, wine is much more than grape juice in a bottle. Each wine comes from a unique place, and is the product of a unique environment and the many talented hands that nurture it from vine to bottle.

Our focus is on providing Calgarians with a great selection of small family estate wines, from people who grow their grapes using sustainable/organic/biodynamic methods, and are often from families that have been tending grapevines and making wine for many generations. We work with amazing people: passionate, excited and dedicated to their craft. We bring the fruits of their hard work home to Calgary and offer them to you.

Our staff are a motley wine-loving crew. We travel, read, taste and glean everything we can about wine, craft beer and spirits. Get to know us by clicking here.

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